Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kiss My Face

I will start off my new blog with a mention of a great line of beauty products..Kiss My Face. I have been using their lotions for the past 10 years or so. The first time being stealing a smidgen from my roommate because I ran out of my own. She had a huge bottle that was "Chinese Botanical" scented, and I was sold ever since. The moisturizer offers ample protection from dry skin without being to heavy, and all of the scents are fabulous! I am currently using Olive & Aloe - my new favorite!
Right now, there's a site called The Giveaway, that's offering a chance to win an 8 piece set of Potent&Pure products made by Kiss My Face.


  1. Call me, I need to tell you something.

  2. Hey sweetie,
    Check out http://etsygiveaways.blogspot.com
    A whole bunch of different blogs with etsy giveaways.

  3. http://www.madberries.com/mb

    lots of cool ones.

  4. This is themommy-files. she has good ones I have won 2 of hers.